Fall 2019 Update: Hosted Blogs

The wait is finally over: Pine.blog users can now start their own blog! Blogs are designed to be lighting fast and easy to use, and there’s also a brand new editor and full drafts support. With this update, Pine.blog way more than just a feed reader, it’s a way to stay updated and to share your thoughts with everyone.

All blogs have built-in RSS and JSON feeds so anyone, even if they don’t use Pine.blog, can follow what you post, and all blogs are automatically added to the Feed Directory so that other Pine.blog users can find your site quickly and easily.

The combination of a blog… and a good Feed Reader can provide nearly all of the features people require from a modern social network… On Facebook or Twitter you can sign up and be posting in minutes, you can easily find other things to follow, and you can easily see what others are saying. Typical Feed Readers solve only one of these problems. – Blogging has an Image Problem

Pine.blog for iOS has been updated and you should see it in the App Store shortly.

Give Pine.blog a shot and see how social the open web can be.

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A Sneak Peek of the Next Version of Pine.blog

A screenshot of the new blogging intro screen

It’s happening! In the next version of Pine.blog premium users will be able to start their very own blog right from the app or the web! The blogs are designed to be lightning fast and easy to use, and I’ve been working really hard to make everything as simple, clean, and intuitive as possible.

There’s a ton of work that’s gone into this release. I’ve been working on it since February, and I’ve crammed a whole lot of new features, fixes, and improvements into this latest version. Everything is in the finishing stages now: I’m mostly just tidying things up and doing a lot of testing to make sure everything is rock solid for release.

I’ve always said that Pine.blog was more than just a feed reader:

I’ve wanted Pine.blog to support custom blogs since the beginning, and that’s largely because I think that by making it easier to both read and write on the open web, we can give people a viable alternative to more traditional social networks and offer them an escape from the problems those platforms have…

This is why I’m so excited by what I see as the future for Pine.blog. If we want people to move off of the platforms we think are the cause of so many problems in our world, we need to give those people a place to go. Most people aren’t going to start a blog and use a feed reader unless we, as the people with the skills to do so, make the Social Web better than Social Media.

A view of what hosted blogs look like in the app

An important excerpt from Brian’s blog post about the future of social media:

[Ezra Klein to Jaron Lanier on Designing Social Media]:

If you were building, or you were redesigning a social network that would call forth our better selves… what do you think would be the parameters of that? What rules would you set such that it would urge us to be a better version of ourselves, not a worse version?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes good social media recently because of Pine. I think that a new generation of social media will revolve around the principles that users have control over what they see, that they own the content they post, and that no one person or company controls all the ways they see the world. I think that, combined, these changes make social media better for us all.

A Better Way Forward

The Web is a fascinating thing. People from all across the world can share ideas, find common interests, connect with friends, explore all of humanity’s knowledge, and keep up with the news they care about instantly. The foundations of the web were laid so that people could share content on the web using the tools they liked and others could read, watch, and listen to that content however they liked.

Over the last decade though, a handful of extremely powerful companies have emerged and have taken control over how people communicate and share their lives on the web. Now the web is filled with annoying advertising, privacy invading tracking, fake news, and manipulating algorithms.

But the web doesn’t have to be this way; it shouldn’t be this way.

The web can be a place where people can write, post, and share content on one platform or service and people can watch, read, and listen on another, and it can be a place where people are in charge of their data.

Pine.blog is one piece of that puzzle. Pine.blog is a new kind of platform: one that embraces the idea that users are in control. On Pine.blog you can follow what you care about, keep up with the latest news, and post to your own blog.

On Pine.blog you can follow blogs, news sites, YouTube channels, Tumblr blogs, Mastodon users, and so much more.

Give Pine.blog a try, and see how the web should be.