Podcasts, Ahoy!

Pine.blog now supports podcasts! If you follow a podcast using Pine.blog, you’ll now be able to listen to the podcast directly from your timeline! This feature should roll out to the iOS app with the next update, so for now it’s only available when using Pine.blog from the Web.

screenshot of audio podcasts in Pine.blog fo the Web

That said, Pine.blog now also supports video podcasts! Video podcasts are normally excluded from lots of podcasting apps, but Pine.blog does plan to fully support them. Like with audio podcast support, video isn’t available on iOS just yet, but it’s coming.Video podcasts in Pine.blog

Other Reading Improvements

As an additional bonus, your timelines now have a few more buttons and levers to make it easier to catch up on your feeds. You can now expand and collapse all posts in a timeline and you can finally re-order your timelines 🎉 however you want using the arrows next to the title of the timeline.

timeline toolbar