Fall 2019 Update: Hosted Blogs

The wait is finally over: Pine.blog users can now start their own blog! Blogs are designed to be lighting fast and easy to use, and there’s also a brand new editor and full drafts support. With this update, Pine.blog way more than just a feed reader, it’s a way to stay updated and to share your thoughts with everyone.

All blogs have built-in RSS and JSON feeds so anyone, even if they don’t use Pine.blog, can follow what you post, and all blogs are automatically added to the Feed Directory so that other Pine.blog users can find your site quickly and easily.

The combination of a blog… and a good Feed Reader can provide nearly all of the features people require from a modern social network… On Facebook or Twitter you can sign up and be posting in minutes, you can easily find other things to follow, and you can easily see what others are saying. Typical Feed Readers solve only one of these problems. – Blogging has an Image Problem

Pine.blog for iOS has been updated and you should see it in the App Store shortly.

Give Pine.blog a shot and see how social the open web can be.

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