The Blogrolls are Back!

Blogrolls are an old idea. They originated back with the original blogs back in the early aughts. The idea was simple: bloggers wanted to point their readers towards other blogs they liked. It was a recommendation system built on people and on trust. Blogrolls spread far and wide helping readers and bloggers discover and link to each other in a meaningful way.

In an effort to re-kindle some of the old ideas that made blogging so great in the old days, now supports adding a blogroll to your blog with 1-click! Simply enable the blogroll for your blog in your account settings, and you’re done!

Hosted Blog with Blogroll

Blogrolls are automatically generated based on the most recent sites you’ve recommended (click the ⭐️ icon to recommend a site). This means it’s super easy to get started with a blogroll and it’s also easy to curate your blogroll.

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