A Better Way Forward

The Web is a fascinating thing. People from all across the world can share ideas, find common interests, connect with friends, explore all of humanity’s knowledge, and keep up with the news they care about instantly. The foundations of the web were laid so that people could share content on the web using the tools they liked and others could read, watch, and listen to that content however they liked.

Over the last decade though, a handful of extremely powerful companies have emerged and have taken control over how people communicate and share their lives on the web. Now the web is filled with annoying advertising, privacy invading tracking, fake news, and manipulating algorithms.

But the web doesn’t have to be this way; it shouldn’t be this way.

The web can be a place where people can write, post, and share content on one platform or service and people can watch, read, and listen on another, and it can be a place where people are in charge of their data.

Pine.blog is one piece of that puzzle. Pine.blog is a new kind of platform: one that embraces the idea that users are in control. On Pine.blog you can follow what you care about, keep up with the latest news, and post to your own blog.

On Pine.blog you can follow blogs, news sites, YouTube channels, Tumblr blogs, Mastodon users, and so much more.

Give Pine.blog a try, and see how the web should be.